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The Order of the Daughters of the King continues to grow at a phenomenal speed. Episcopal Life cites it as the fasting growing segment of the church today. I think there are three reasons for this, at least in our diocese:

Women today are eager for spiritual growth.

They seek it in the context of a small, intimate group who become friends.

The Order appeals to busy women because it does not engage in raising money and takes no stand on any issue.

The required 12-week period of training and discernment gives a woman time to experience these elements before she makes a commitment to join the Order.

Florence Krejci,
Past President of the Order in the Diocese of Los Angeles


We are women of the Episcopal Church who have intentionally taken lifelong vows to keep a daily Rule of Life as members of this religious order.

We are a community of nurturing women who meet in local chapters in the USA and in other parts of God’s world.
We live out our vows in our daily places.

We rejoice as we accept all of God’s people, bridging our differences and standing unified in prayer.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit and bonded together in Christ through our baptism and vows, we dedicate ourselves to prayer, service and evangelism for the spread of the Kingdom of God.

The Order of the Daughters of the King was founded in 1885, the outgrowth of a Sunday School class of young women at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Sepulchre (now Resurrection) in New York City. Although in earlier times its members were all Episcopal laywomen, today it encompasses lay and ordained women in the Episcopal Church, churches in communion with it (i.e., other Anglican churches and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America), and churches with the historic episcopate (i.e., the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches).

The Order is composed of women dedicated to prayer, service, and evangelism for the spread of Christ’s kingdom. We earn no money in the name of the Order, and we take no position on the many issues facing the Church and thus become neutral ground where women across the spectrum of church politics can meet. We are organized into small local chapters that set their own program of prayer, service, and study.

Our Rule of Life, comprising lifetime vows of Prayer and Service, is largely a restatement of our baptismal promises; we are just a bit more intentional about living them than the average woman in the pew. A twelve-week period of study and discernment under the direction of a woman who is already a Daughter is required before anyone may take her vows.

We are not nuns, just ordinary women living ordinary lives; we wear no habit other than the silver cross of the Order. There are about 25,000 Daughters worldwide, and more than 700 in almost 50 chapters in the Diocese of Los Angeles, including about 50 Daughters-at-Large -- members who belong to congregations where no chapter exists.

We also have Junior Daughters, young women between the ages of 7 and 20, in some of the congregations where a chapter exists. There are Roman Catholic and Lutheran chapters in other areas, but that remains an elusive goal for Los Angeles. We own an office condominium in suburban Atlanta that serves as the "mother house" and national office for the Order.


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